Meet Greg Kerr:

Greg is a multi-lingual seasoned Pentagon analyst and former Marine with 5 combat tours. Greg earned a living advising stability and de-escalation on the front lines in US and non-US conflicts around the world. Separated from the military, Greg’s company in West Africa has over 3 years experience building 7 renewably fueled off-the-grid energy grids, and is a trusted green energy implementing partner with the United States Agency for International Aid (USAID) and the US Army in Africa.

Meet Trent Lapinski:

Trent made his impact on Silicon Valley at a young age, building and selling tech companies throughout his twenties, now in his thirties Trent is firmly situated at the tip of San Francisco’s tech spearhead. Trent is an enlightened future-focused technologist with ambitions of building world-changing systems.

Trent is an experienced technology executive, former CEO and startup founder (which he sold for a successful exit), with experience in product marketing, product development, business development, and venture capital.