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An update on the future of CryptoDisrupted: Trent Lapinski will be moving forward as the shows primary host.

The End of Surveillance

Episode 31: An interview with Eric J Anderson (Eijah), CEO of - creator of Demonsaw, former lead programmer for Activision and Rockstar Games (GTA5), DEFCON speaker, CTO of MGT, College Professor, and a security...

Growth Capital on the Blockchain

Episode 29: An interview with Corl ( CEO Sam Kawtharani. Corl is the world's first revenue-sharing token designed to accelerate the growth of businesses. [podbean type=audio-square resource="episode=s8ep7-9658cb" skin="1"...

Personal AI Assistant On Blockchain

Episode 25: An interview with Peter Voss, CEO and Chief Scientist, and Srini Pagidyala, Co-Founder and Chief Value Officer of [podbean type=audio-square resource="episode=4bec5-9429af" skin="1" auto="0" height=315...

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Meet our Crypto Disrupted host

Trent Lapinski

Trent Lapinski

Tech Executive

Trent made his impact on Silicon Valley at a young age, building and selling tech companies throughout his twenties, now in his thirties Trent is firmly situated at the tip of San Francisco’s tech spearhead. Trent is an enlightened future-focused technologist with ambitions of building world-changing systems.

Trent is an experienced technology executive, former CEO and startup founder (which he sold for a successful exit), with experience in blockchain, product marketing, product development, business development, business operations, ICOs, and venture capital.

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